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DJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH! / 横綱BLACK レペゼン東京下町、千住からDJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH!の初MixCDが登場!90ズHip Hopの魂を絶やすこと無く、多くのイベント、パーティーを仕掛け続ける彼らしく、熱いテンションとロウなサウンドをパッケージ!All Natural、Edan、Showbiz & AG、Phill Most Chill等からGo Forcemen等の国産漢Hip Hop等をMix!一貫したテンションで突き進む1枚です!Esowによるアートワークもバッチリ!! Youtube Trailer : http://goo.gl/B865lF ■ TRACKLIST 01. DJ MAS / INTRO 02. ALL NATURAL / MC AVENGER 03. EDAN / EMCEES SMOKE CRACK REMIX 04. MARSHAL BLUEBERRY / SILENT THUNDER FT. CHAIN3 & BIG MARTY 05. SHOWBIZ & AG / HE SAY, SHE SAY 06. LORD FINESSE / PARTY OVER HERE REMIX 07. PERCEE P / THROWBACK RAP ATTACK MADLIB REMIX (GSB SHOUT OUT) 08. PERCEE P / CUT CHEMIST LUCAS FLIPPED A ONE-SIDED TAPE FOUND IN '87 INTO STEREO REMIX 09. PERCEE P & EKIM / PUTTIN' HEADS TO BED BONUS BEATS 10. PERCEE P & EKIM / NOW THEY WANNA SEE ME 11. PHILL MOST CHILL / ON TEMPO JACK 12. PHILL MOST CHILL / PRIDE REMIX 13. POWERULE / SMOOTH (MICROPPS SHOUT OUT) 14. RAITA DANJOU FREESTYLE 15. THINK TANK / ULTRA SOUND 16. 4ce FINGER from 中目黒薬局 RECORDS 17. TOYDOG with ABC from VLUTENT RECORDS 18. ED MURASAKI with DJ MIDDLE LOOSE from ENMC 19. DJ HAMACHI PRODUCTION FT. FUKK from G.M.P RECORDS 20. EL-P / MEGAMIXXX (MONSTAR SHOUT OUT) 21. DANJI,MAJYUTSU,MILK from OTOKOZAWA PRODUCTIONS 22. GO FORCEMEN / GO INVATION (BEATS BY DJ VIBLAM) 23. MAN DARK / MUDDY SOUL 24. ALL CITY PRODUCTIONS / BUST YOUR RHYMES 25. KINGS OF SWING / STOP JOCKIN' JAMES (MACKA-CHIN SHOUT OUT) 26. JAMES BROWN / FUNKY DRUMMER REMIX 27. AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & JAMES BROWN / UNITY 28. THE SUGARHILL GANG / 8th WONDER 29. THE SUGARHILL GANG / RAPPER'S DELIGHT 30. WEST STREET MOB / BREAK DANCE ELECTRIC BOOGIE 31. INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND / APACHE (AFRIKA BAMBAATAA SHOUT OUT) Release Date : 2014/06/23 - - - - - - - - - - DJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH! 90年代のHIP HOP最盛期にDJ BEAT、DJ KENSEIらに魅了され、DJとしてのキャリアをスタート。その後、老舗レコード店シスコ渋谷店にて、HIP HOP担当として買い付けを行う。昔今、新旧問わずを[BLACK]の上で進行形ミックスする温故知新なDJスタイルには定評がある。ヒップホップ・クラシックスをミックスした『横綱BLACK』(2013)、新譜を中心にドス黒いRUDEサウンズをミックスした『THE BLACKBOARD』(2015) の2枚のMIX CDをリリース。 DJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH! Started out his career as DJ after being influenced by DJ BEAT, DJ KENSEI when Hip Hop was at its prime in the 90's. After this, started working as person in charge of Hip Hop for an old shop by the name of CISCO Shibuya and purchased records. His reputational style as DJ includes the ongoing mixtures of old and new regardless of past/present – incoming/outgoing on top of “BLACK”. He has released 2 MIX CDs. One is a blend of HIP HOP and CLASSICS titled “YOKODUNA-BLACK” (in 2013) andthe other one is a mixture of new music together with tarnished RUDE-sounds titled “THE BLACKBOARD” (in 2015).